Nasema Begum-The Dating Coach

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Nasema Begum-The Dating Coach
Nasema Begum-The Dating Coach


I'm Nasema. As a coach and mentor I empower and enable single Muslims to meet and

marry their life partner. Whether it's building confidence, 

creating connection through conversation or embracing rejections, you will be left effective and unstoppable. All this and more without compromising Islamic values and principles.

Nasema Begum
Nasema Begum-The Dating Coach

I born and raised in London (UK). As a child I was painfully shy and I experienced crippling self doubt. Despite that I always knew I wanted to be great contribution to the world. 


I was determined to succeed. I challenged cultural and gender stereotypes, and soon I got myself an education and a corporate job.


My successes improved my confidence but my self doubt remained. From that place I made the decision to marry, only to find myself in an abusive marriage. During this time I had several health crises and I nearly lost my job.

That experience was an amazing gift; it helped me to find my life's purpose. Since then I've been training with coaching giants such as Tony Robbins and Fatima Omar Khamissa. I am the co-author of a No.1 best-selling book. Today I empower single Muslims to meet and marry their soulmate.

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Introductory Coaching Session

What's going on with you right now? Let's get on the phone and have a conversation

Private Coaching

Laser-focused one-to-one coaching so you have a life that's unrecognisable

Group Sessions

Coaching in the presence of other singles who will encourage and support you, so you all meet and marry your soulmate

"Nasema coached me for my business start-up (before she became a dating guru. Her advise was hugely insightful and practical, and really helped me focus my thinking on how to achieve success. The coaching sessions made me feel super-engerised and ready to conquer the world. Highly recommended."

Nick Herrick

“I personally  benefited a lot from your wisdom. May Allah reward in both worlds ”

Brother Z. A


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading the (13 powerful) steps. Great work masha Allah. May Allah give tawfique ameen”

Sister A. M

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